The Admissions Process

All applications for a school place must be made via your home council. For example, if you live in Epsom you need to apply via Surrey County Council. If you are a Kingston Borough resident you will need to apply through Kingston Council. If you are resident in another area and wish to apply for a school place, you will need to apply through your home council.

Kingston School Admissions Department can be contacted each weekday between 8:45am to 2:00pm.

Information regarding how to apply for schools in Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames for September 2022 start:

School Admissions
Guildhall 2
Kingston upon Thames KT1 1EU

Telephone: 020 8547 4610



Appeal for secondary school places

The admission appeal hearings will take place in June/July 2022.

When considering whether you wish to appeal, you need to think about whether your reasons for wanting your child to attend the school are exceptional. If not, the likelihood of an appeal being successful may not be very high. Secondary Schools admissions booklet 2022 contains more information regarding the appeal process.