Chessington School email directory

Please call the school office to speak to any member of staff on 020 8974 1156.

Surname First name Responsibility   Email
Addy Marvin Basketball Coach
Ali Ash Executive Headteacher
Allen James

Teacher of Geography, Tutor of 9JAN
Andrew Laverne

Head of Science
Ashton Jack Literacy & Reading Support    
Austin Pam Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Transition
Baravik Abby Tutor of 7ABK, Teacher of English
Brown Gabby Drama Teacher
Brownbill Sophie Teacher of English
Champion Louise Teaching Assistant
Chapman Jemma Tutor of 7JCN, Art and Textiles Teacher
Clarke Candice

Cover Supervisor,  Teacher of Child Development, Tutor of 10CCE
Cooper Cait Assistant Headteacher,  Designated Safeguarding Lead, Behaviour & Pastoral Lead, Teacher of RS & Citizenship
Corbett Holly Teacher of Maths, Tutor of 8HCT
Cosgrave Barry Head of Work Related Learning Faculty, Tutor of 10BCE
Dale Tracy Marketing
Davey Sam Head of Yr 12 & 13, Teacher of PE
Dowell Nicola Deputy SenCo
DuBock Jean-Paul Head of Music, Tutor of 8JDK
Ellis Morgan Football Coach
Evans-Lombe Arthur MFL Teacher, Tutor of 9AEE
Ford Beth

Head of Houses,  Enrichment Leader, Head of Pegasus House, Tutor of 12/13BFD
Forsyth Barnaby Head of History, Tutor of 11BFH
Foster Crosley IT Manager
Gilmore Eilis SEN Teaching Assistant
Gorno Alex Head of Year 7, Teacher of Geography
Griffiths Anna Assistant Headteacher Teaching & Learning
Hanekom Lani Tutor of 8LHM, Teacher of Science
Harris Elsa HR Officer
Higgins Ginette Data & Examinations Officer
Hughes Mary Premises Team
Jackson Gabby Pastoral Support Officer
Jadayel Ihsan Tutor of IJL, Teacher of Science    
Jones Emma Student Reception
Kavanagh Natalie Head of Art, Tutor of 8NKH
Lucas Charlie Teacher of Maths, 
Head of Year 8, Head of Dragon House
Mahoney Christine Premises Staff
Mathy Amshan 2ic Science, Tutor of 7AMN, DofE Lead
Matthews Karen Welfare Assistant
Masullo Fabio ISS Catering Manager    
McNeil Steve DT Technician (Part-time)
Middleton Keith Assistant Headteacher, SenCo, Teacher of Business
Miller Kim Tutor of 9KMR, Teacher of English
Moralee Paul Business Manager
Murray Carlos Head of Languages, Literacy & EAL Faculty, Tutor of 10CMU
Naidoo Keelan Teaching Assistant (Science)
Nielson Célina SEN Teaching Assistant
O’Neill Giulia Attendance Officer
Opie Elaine Office Manager; PA to the Headteacher
Parratt Amy Safeguarding Officer 
Parsons Fran Teaching Assistant – English Specialism
Pipkin Katie Dance Teacher
Purchase Jane Teacher of English
Rommer Jake Music Teacher, Tutor of 10JRR
Rowden Laura Associate Assistant Headteacher, Head of Performance Faculty, Tutor of 8LRN
Rutledge Kellie Head of Child Development, Head of Year 11, Head of Phoenix House, Teacher of PE
Sapsed Charlotte Admissions and Administrative Officer
Sherlock Daniel Tutor of 9DSK, Teacher of PE    
Sheriff Fatima Head of Year 9, Teacher of History & Citizenship
Siebers Alex Tutor of 7ASI, Teacher of Maths
Smith Tony Deputy Headteacher, Teacher of Maths
Spink Natasha Head of Maths Faculty, Tutor of 11NSK
Staple Karen Finance Officer
Stiddard Derek Teacher of Maths
Stonehouse Jeanette Head of English Faculty, Teacher of Media
Swaysland Alex Head of Year 10,  Teacher of History & RS
Twomey Jen Teaching & Learning Champion, Subject Lead for Drama, DofE Leader
West Daniel Director of Science, Head of Science & Technology Faculty
Williams Eloise Teacher of PE, Tutor of 9EWI
Wilson Sarah Head of School, Teacher of Maths
Wheal Emily Teacher of Science
Yates Cheryl Receptionist