Exam Stress

Information for young people on exam stress, with advice on how to cope and where to go for support.  We're here to help you manage your feelings around exams and find ways to cope. 

  • Feeling like you're not ready or prepared for exams, like leaving revision too late.
  • Worrying about how you'll feel and perform during the exam, especially when you don't know what will be in it.
  • Pressure from others, like parents, carers or teachers.
  • Pressure from yourself to get certain grades.
  • Comparing yourself to others, like believing you have to get the same results as your friends.
  • Worrying about the future, like getting into university or getting a job.
  • Coping with life changes, like moving from secondary school to college.
  • Having difficulties at home or in your relationships with family, friends or partners.
  • Having caring responsibilities for a family member or someone you live with.
  • Coping with physical or mental health problems, which could include worries about arranging reasonable adjustments for your exams.

Children and young people who are stressed may:

  • worry a lot - feel tense - have headaches and stomach pains - not sleep well - be irritable - lose interest in food or eat more than normal - not enjoy activities they previously enjoyed - be negative and have a low mood - feel hopeless about the future

Having someone to talk to about their work can help. Support from a parent, tutor or study buddy can help young people share their worries and keep things in perspective.

You may also feel stressed for reasons that aren't listed here. We're all different, and that's okay.

Supporting websites

Mind - Exam stress can be more than feeling nervous on the day of an exam. It can also be how you feel building up to exams, during exams and when waiting for results. Information and support can be found via their website, here.

Young Minds - Pressure to do well in exams can be overwhelming and affect your mental health. Here's our advice if it's all getting a bit too much - here.

NHS - help your child beat exam stress, here. 


You can contact the following staff whenever you need to:

Mrs Jackson – gjackson@chessington.kingston.sch.uk 

Miss Parratt - aparratt@chessington.kingston.sch.uk

Mrs Cait Cooper, Designated Safeguarding Lead - ccooper@chessington.kingston.sch.uk

Mr Middleton – kmiddleton@chessington.kingston.sch.uk