Mrs Cooper, Designated Safeguarding Lead - ccooper@chessington.kingston.sch.uk

Bullying and cyberbullying can mean lots of different things. It can happen anywhere, including online, at school or at home.

Bullying can include:

  • being called names, teased or humiliated
  • posting, commenting on or liking nasty photos, videos or posts about you online
  • being pushed, hit or hurt
  • having money and other stuff stolen
  • spreading rumours or starting group chats about you
  • being ignored, left out or made to feel like you're not wanted
  • being threatened, intimidated or sent nasty messages
  • trolling you or commenting on your posts or pictures saying nasty things
  • someone revealing personal details without your permission
  • targeting you over and over again in an online game.

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Mrs Cait Cooper, Designated Safeguarding Lead - ccooper@chessington.kingston.sch.uk