South of the Borough Heads group

Mr Ali chairs the South of the Borough Head Teachers group which meets at least four times a year. 

There are ten schools in the group, and the head teachers are: 

  Mr A. Ali       Headteacher        Chessington School            
  Mr. N. Smith Headteacher Southborough High School
  Mrs. J. Botha-Smith Headteacher Tolworth Girls School
  Mrs. E. Evans Headteacher St. Paul's C of E Primary School
  Mrs. E. Lawlor Headteacher St. Mary's C of E Primary School
  Mrs. D. Johnson Headteacher Castle Hill Primary School
  Mrs. L. Keogh Headteacher Ellingham Primary School
  Mr. R. Meakin Headteacher Lovelace Primary School
  Mr. B. Walsh Headteacher St Philips School
  Mr. A. Novak Headteacher Spring School