School Gateway

School Gateway

Chessington School uses the School Gateway app for payments and one way instant messaging. You can use your Oyster card or be issued with an ID card from school, both can be used at our cashless canteen.

Parents and carers should download the School Gateway app to their phone via the App Store or Google Play or use the link below to login from a computer. Login and follow the on-screen instructions.

On School Gateway you can ‘Top up lunch money’ to be used at our cashless canteen and see exactly what has been bought and spent. There is also a payment history, so you can keep track each time you put money on the card. You will receive an email confirming money has been added to the card each time you top it up.

We also use School Gateway to pay for trips, clubs and other such activities that need paying for. These can be found in the Payments' section where school will add payment requests to. You may receive a ‘push notification’ alerting you that something needs to be paid.

Please note there is a fee for lost ID cards. Should you have any problems with School Gateway, please contact the school.

To log in, click the link below: