House System

When students join Chessington School, they are put into one of four houses; Phoenix, Pegasus, Dragon and Griffin House. Siblings join the same house group. There are regular House and inter-House activities and competitions throughout the year.  House meetings are held fortnightly. All members of the teaching staff are assigned to a House and offer support. Pupils are expected to take part in activities and support the Captains appropriately.

The House system adds more healthy competition as well as motivation and offers competitions such as Spelling Bees, the Great Chessington Bake Off and more.

Sports Day Cup Winners


Phoenix House


Griffin House


Griffin House


The 4 houses have chosen their charities for this academic year, they are:


British Heart Foundation


Rainbow Trust



Anna Freud National Centre
for Children and Families


Young Minds/
Grace Dear Trust


The House Points system for 2021-2022 starts in September. There are many ways students can collect house points, much through behaviour, good work and kindness but also on our final sports day when the overall winners take the champions cup. You can keep up to date with house points on our scoreboard. CLICK HERE to view the latest House Point scores.

Griffin House

House colour: GREEN

Head of House:
Miss Sier
House Captains:
Sebastian M – Year 9
Rebekah S-S – Year 9
Nitin V – Year 10
Elliott Coller – Year 10


Pegasus House

House colour: BLUE

Head of House:
Miss Ford
House Captains:
Tristan P – Year 8
Phoebe A – Year 8
Molly N – Year 9
Riley W – Year 9
Lillie B – Year 10
Kali B – Year 10
Katie F – Year 11

Dragon House

Head of House:
Mr Lucas
House Captains:
Lilli J – Year 8
Jack L – Year 8
Alex D – Year 9
Toni B – Year 9
Archie L – Year 10
Maddie W – Year 10
Arieta S – Year 11
Joe H – Year 11

Phoenix House

House colour: YELLOW

Head of House:

House Captains:


Show support to your House!

You can buy the appropriate coloured House pin badge from our uniform supplier. There are 3 pins in each pack and they cost £5.


House face mask/coverings available!

Dragon, Phoenix, Pegasus and Griffin face coverings now available for £4 each. Support your house and show your true colours! See reception to purchase or Miss Rutledge, £4 cash only.   SOLD OUT