Over the past year, detentions have dropped which is a sign of the hard work staff, students and carers do to prevent them happening. No-one likes giving or receiving detentions, so what more can be done?

Did you know? 

One-third of detentions are to do with homework.

What is the school doing to help? 

  • There is a drop-in homework club every lunchtime, and after school until 4:15pm Tuesdays where students can work in a quiet environment with a teacher supervising/to help.  
  • Students can print off homework in school using their zip or ID card. There is no cost, it is purely for ID only.
  • Following parent feedback, Year 7 students are not given homework in the first term so that they can settle into secondary school life first.
  • Homework detentions are now with the subject tutor and are designed to support the student rather than punish them.

What can you do to help?

  • Check Class Charts to see what homework your child has to do and encourage them not to leave it to the last minute.
  • Work together – help your child look up information and take an interest in what they are learning about.

What can you do to help?

  • Make sure your child is leaving with plenty of time to get to school.  
  • Don’t rely on bus/trains to run exactly to time if you have already cut it fine.
  • Be aware that lateness can also be classed as being absent if the registration cut off is missed. The school strives for 100% attendance. 95% attendance may sound high, but that is ½ a day of learning missed every week and soon adds up. Your child may not be able to keep up with their class. 
  • If your child is struggling let the school know as soon as possible. There are many support groups in school that will help your child get through a tough time and get them back on track.

You don’t agree with the detention – what can you do?

  • Check the school’s Behaviour for Learning Policy as this details expected behaviour:  SCHOOL POLICIES
  • Contact the teacher who set the detention. They have the best understanding of the situation and can answer your query.  Please remember that staff teaches full time and often have meetings, training and sports after school ends. 
  • Allow 48 hours for your call to be returned.

This document is reviewed by the Parent/Governors forum.
February 2020.