Sports Day Info - 12th July 2022

Please read the letter from Miss Graham confirming details for sports day on Tuesday 12th July. 

Dear Parent/ Carer,

I am delighted to inform you of the details for this year’s Sports Day. This year sports day will take place on Tuesday 12th July. The day will run between 8.30am and 3.15pm. This year we will be running a variety of sports in the morning where students will choose four activities in which to participate followed by an afternoon of competitive athletics events. The afternoon’s athletics will take place at Hollyfield School’s playing pitch which is a short walk from the school on Somerset Avenue, Chessington.

Following the morning activities, students will be supervised walking to the venue and will either eat lunch there or at school prior to departure. With this in mind there will be no hot food available at lunchtime, so students should bring a packed lunch or purchase food at break time.  Any students who are entitled to free school meals will be able to get their food at break time. We are due to start afternoon events at 12.30pm.

As you would expect Sports Day will be physically demanding with a lot of activity, students, therefore, must be appropriately prepared for the day. It is essential that students stay well hydrated, large water bottles are recommended as well as bringing extra food provisions. Students will be required to be in full correct PE kit for the whole day, Chessington PE top (t-shirt or jumper), black shorts, skort or leggings, white socks,  and suitable trainers. Failure to be in the correct uniform could result in your son/daughter not taking part. Please also take note of the weather prior to the event, students will be outside for the majority of the day potentially making sun cream essential.

The event will continue in poor weather, however, if there is excessive rain, making the event impossible to continue, the students will remain in school for the duration of the day. If you have any doubts about the viability of the event, please check the Chessington website the morning of the event. Only in exceptional circumstances (other than the weather) will Sports Day be cancelled once at Hollyfield's field, if this occurs then students will be escorted back to school and sports day will resume at school. If this happens towards the end of the school day then the students will be released from the track.

The afternoon is scheduled to finish at 3.15pm at the playing pitch at Somerset Avenue where students will be dismissed unless we receive confirmation that you would like us to escort your son/daughter back to school. Should you wish this to be the case then please contact the school and ensure that you have communicated this to your son/daughter so that they are aware of the arrangements.

We are aiming to encourage as much support as possible and so friends and family are welcome to show Alexander support at Hollyfield's fields in the afternoon. Any student who uses an inhaler must keep it with them at all times to ensure they have access to it even when competing. The students cannot give anything to the form tutors so valuable items e.g. watches, jewellery, iPods, MP3 players, would be best left at home.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope Alexander has a fantastic Sports Day.

Yours sincerely

Miss T Graham

Head of PE