Governors’ Report To Families – Spring 2

Despite several ‘lurgies’ doing the rounds, governors have been able to be in the school a lot more this term and have had several meetings with staff and pupils to see first-hand what is going on.

This term we have focused on seeing how the school works with families and students to make sure everyone’s opinions and ideas can be shared to improve the school experience for all. A governor met with staff to find out how the student’s voice feeds into the school through the use of Tutor Reps and the Student Council; governors have analysed the Parent Survey and have attended the Parent Forum meeting to hear parent opinions, and governors have met with families to work together on improving student attendance.  

Governors are also involved with the operational side of the school, meeting with the caterers and having a health and safety tour of the school premises. There has also been the regular financial meeting where we see just how carefully every penny is managed and accounted for.

As usual, there has also been governor training going on as well to make sure we are up to date with legislation and so that we can provide the best possible service to the school.

Finally and by no means least, we have been delighted to see that the Mary Poppins Jr. production has been so well received by its audiences.  Everyone involved should be rightfully proud of how excellently they have represented themselves and the school.  We are so lucky that Chessington School has the facilities to stage such a production, the staff who are willing to take on the extra responsibility and hours, and the students who have such amazing talent. Thank you to all involved.

On that happy note, we wish you all a lovely Easter Break and look forward to seeing you all next term.

Karen Carman
Chair of Governors